You Know You Watch Too Much DAYS When...

You Know You Watch Too Much DAYS When...

1. You flip throught the phone book to see if any of the DAYS character's name is in there. (i.e. Mike Horton)

2. You buy two VCR's in case the one breaks down and you can't record DAYS.

3. When buying a VCR, you figure how to use the TIMER recording first.

4. You make up fan-fiction storylines.

5. You start a letter writing campaign.

6. DAYS becomes a very important part of your life.

7. You watch NBC TV movies to catch a glimpse of the DAYS promos.

8. You actually know when the promos will be on. (i.e. In Southern CA when there's a TV movie, you'll see the promos at 9:25PM or if not 10:25.)

9. You decided to name your kids after the characters/actors.

10.Every song played on DAYS becomes one of your favorites.

11. You drive miles and miles just to meet your fave actors.

12. You often skim through all the talk shows & morning news celebrity interviews to see if any DAYS stars appear in them.

13. You subscribe to soap magazines.

14. You can imitate all the characters on the show.

15. You try to have a family tradition like the Horton's Christmas tradition.

16. You start making this list.

17. You find out this most of the items listed here are true.

18. You get excited knowing that one of the items apply to you.

19. You can't study because DAYS is constantly on your mind even if the current storyline is boring.

20. There is real anger and frustration coming from yourself when the storylines aren't written the way you wanted it to.

21. You start to create you own webpage.

22. You hate the weekends, but love the weekdays.

23. You seem to live only to watch DAYS.

24. You listen to songs, you carefully listen to the words to see if it applies to any DAYS couple.

25. You make up mental montages with the songs.

26. You often fantasize about you dream storylines.

27. When everything reminds you of DAYS, the characters, or couples.

28. You get excited when a real situation begins to sound like a storyline on DAYS.

29. You try to learn the power of blackmail and manipulation.

30. You are laughing about this list.

31. You try to dress & style your hair like the characters.

32. You used the phrase: "Don't give up hope" more than once.

33. You consider dressing up as the Lady-in-White for Halloween.

34. You wish the city you live in is called Salem.

35. You carry your cell phone with you 24 hours a day.

36. You collect every bit of scrap about DAYS.

37. You bought the "DAYS Complete Family Album".

38. You dream of living in the DAYS world even though they are weird.

39. You wish the church you go to is called "St. Luke's".

40. You call your babysitter, "the nanny".

41. You find the characters in your dreams.

42. You name your pet Brady, Stefano, or any of the character's name.

43. Your internet username is either Daysfan, FancyFace, or any DAYS related names.

44. You wish you know someone name Marlena so you could feel like you're on DAYS when you are calling for them.

45. You bought the single to "How Do I Live."

46. You use the phrase "Don't give up hope."

47. You try to believe that love can overcome any adversities because Alice says so.

48. You say you're going to stop watching the show, but you don't.

49. You are known as the DAYS freak by friends and families.

50. Oftentimes you quote "Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives" on letters, email signatures, etc.

51. An hourglass means a lot to you.

52. You freak out and become depressive for the day when you miss an episode (especially an episode with your fave couple in it).

53. You grow fond of tea and doughnuts.

54. You keep a video collection of your favorite scenes.

55. Your two big thrills for the day are watching the show and reading Dustin's spoilers.

56. You often get told "I think you've been watching too much DAYS."

57. Your license plate reads "DAYSFAN", "DOOL" or any DAYS related name.

58. You know who JERk is. (It's James E. Reily. See? You know now.)

59. You change your DOS prompt to read c:\>Type here, Brady!

60. You schedule your classes around the show even though you taped it because in your mind you're thinking, "What if there's a special report and it is on an hour later."

61. Your VCR remains recording even though you're home to watch it.

62. You get withdrawl symptons over the weekends.

63. You can't concentrate on your schoolwork 'cuz your mind is consumed with DAYS.

64. You wish to someday work at the NBC studio; preferabaly Studio 2 or 4 where DAYS is being taped.

65. You check the yellow pages for a Penthouse Grill, University Hospital, Brady's Pub, or St. Luke's Catholic Church.

66. No matter how tired you are of the storylines, you always have to watch it because you might miss something even though every day of the month is full of the same thing. Who knows? The words in the dialogues might change a little.

67. Even after reading Dustin's Tomorrow Show Spoiler, you still have to wach it to see what's going on.

68. You constantly demand for more spoilers and hints to what's going to happen, and when you're watching the show, you claim it's so predictable.

69. You try to play the DAYS theme on your piano.

70. Instead of getting withdrawl symptons over the weekend, you get them right after the show is over.

71. If the power goes out, you sit and pray that it will come back in time for your VCR to record DAYS.

72. Your freewriting English essay is on soap addicts.

73. You go shopping you look at some clothes and you say, "This is what Carrie would wear." (Or any other characters.)

74. You set up a .wav file to play the DAYS theme whenever your computer reboots.

75. You sing "How Do I Live" in the shower.

76. You read the Discussion board topics, chat in DAYS chat, or explore all the DAYS links when you're suppose to be writing your term paper.

77. You enter a general chat area and you first acknowledge that your a DAYS fan.

78. Meeting new friends, you remember to ask them if they watch DAYS or not.

79. You try to convince people to watch DAYS.

80. You develop a sudden attraction to guys with a beard.

81. You write down what happened on today's episode in your academic planner. (You do this everyday.) The short summary you wrote consumes more of your space than your school assignments.

82. You begin to call you grandmother, "Gran."

83. You often find yourself talking to yourself.

84. The main events of your year consist of watching all the soap awards, reading the sweeps spoilers, and the season's previews.

85. Practically everything reminds you of DAYS.

86. You get interested in the actors personal lives.

This list was borrowed from Linda's Days Page.

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