Ask A Texan: Jensen Ackles

Ask a Texan: Jensen Ackles

As a kid, Richardson native Jensen Ackles used to poke fun at the "mushy daytime dramas his mother regularly watched, but not anymore. Since July 1997, Ackles has starred on the hit NBC soap opera "Days of Our Lives" as the role of Eric Brady. Ackles is not a newcomer to NBC, he had a regular role on the primetime show "Mr. Rhodes" in fall of 1996 and guest roles on "Cybil" and "Sweet Valley High." Although Jensen is well on his way to achieving Hollywood hearthrob status, his Texas roots are still close to home. Dish up a question for Jensen while he's our guest, March 3-15, 1998.

Q asked by Reba: I'm a huge Days fan. I have been watching sinc 1968 so don't get me wrong when I ask, Do you ever "poke fun" of Allison because her character Sammy is so absorbed by Austin? P.S. You are already a heartthrob in my book.

Jensen: We all poke fun at each other!

Q asked by Samantha: Hi! I already asked a question, but I have another one. Do you know if you'll be coming to Pittsburgh anytime soon? I'm dying to meet you! Thanks!

Jensen: I'm not sure if I'm coming to Pittsburgh anytime soon!

Q asked by Jocelyn Fonseca: What secret are you hiding on Days Of Our Lives?

Jensen: Don't Know!

Q asked by Craig: So, you've said that your mom was an avid soap fan. Does she watch Days now? How do you feel with her watching you do steamy love scenes?

Jensen: "All My Children"/I don't have love scenes!

Q asked by Jo: I guess everyones question is are you just friends with LeAnn Rimes or is it love? By the way how do you meet?

Jensen: Just friends, met at NBC studios.

Q asked by Audrey: I thought I'd get creative with this question... If you could be any ice cream flavour in the world, what would you be and why? :) P.S. Best of luck in your future endeavours!

Jensen: Neopolatin, cause there is more to me than just one color!

Q asked by Audrey: If you could choose only three words to describe yourself, what would they be?

Jensen: Young, fun, 6 feet tall.

Q asked by Kendi: Hello! Are you going to ever come to Pa around the Harrisburg area? Are you going to soon update your website? P.S. I Love You!

Jensen: I don't know/Yes/Thank you!

Q asked by Kendi: Are you going to stay at Days after your contract runs out?

Jensen: Don't know!

Q asked by Steve Lowe: Hey Jensen. I hear LeAnn Rimes is going to be on Days Of Our Lives in May. I was wondering is LeAnn going to play Amy, the girl that was drugged in Colorado?

Jensen: She will be on the show, but she won't be playing Amy.

Q asked by Lauren: Have you ever been to Ft. Worth? That is where I have lived all my life and I was just wondering. If so, what is your favorite place here?

Jensen: I love Billy Bob's!

Q asked by Lauren: Let me start off by saying I am probably one of your biggest fans!! So I was wondering if you would want to go to my website on you and tell me what you think.You could sign my guestbook and let me know. My homepage address is- I can't wait until you are back here in Dallas and I get to CU at Nordstroms!

Jensen: I'll try to check it out, and can't wait to meet you!

Q asked by Lauren: When you come to the Nordstroms in Dallas on the 21st, what will you be doing?

Jensen: Visiting with fans and signing pictures!

Q asked by Jody Gudbranson: Do you see yourself as a future sex symbol like so many actors are today?

Jensen: No, not really!

Q asked by Brenda: On the soap awards you thanked God for your success. Are you a christian and if so, how has this helped to keep your head on right (so to speak)?

Jensen: Yes I am a Christian, and I believe that he guides me everyday.

Q asked by Carla: What is like being the public eye all the time? What is the strangest thing that a fan has had you sign and/or sent you?

Jensen: Very overwhelming/their arm!

Q asked by Carla: What made you decide to be an actor in te first place? How long have you been on Days Of Our Lives? If you weren't acting what would you be doing instead? Carla

Jensen: It just kind of came upon me, otherwise I would be in college!

Q asked by Sharon: Hello Jenson:)I heard that you are good friends with Bryan White(I just heard that,you may not even know him)BUT,if you guys are good freinds,I just wondered what kind of guy he his to hang out know,what does he like to do and stuff? Im just nosy:) Sharon

Jensen: Never met the guy.

Q asked by Teressa: I think you are very cute.. where did you get your looks?... and are you and leann rimes going out?... if ya'll aren't.. I think you two are cute together! Teressa Irving, Texas

Jensen: I have two beautiful parents, and LeAnn is very nice, but I have someone else.

Q asked by Belle: Why do so many Texans bragg about Texas? I was born in Oklahoma and like it but I don't bragg about it. I certainly don't know what makes Texas special, I've been there a few times and can't see anything worth boasting about.

Jensen: Then you obviously have never lived there cause once you live there, the pride is contagious.

Q asked by Elizabeth: "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? Just kidding, here's my real question: Do you and you other young co-workers,ie- Allison Sweeney- take night classes or none at all? Do you have any aspirations to develop your higher learning skills? Sincerely, Valerie Elizabeth"

Jensen: No, I don't take night classes but I would like to in the future!

Q asked by Jody Gudbranson: What do you do when you have this best friend who is always doing everything with you and then next thing you know you turn around and she isn't confiding in you anymore and tells you nothing that is on her mind. Then later you find out that she is telling everyone else everything and leaving oyu in the dark. It just feels like I can do nothing about it. I often think of moving to Texas to get away from it all. Another Country, another life maybe would be better. Love Jody P.S. Could you please answer my question? I would really appreciate it.

Jensen: Tell her how you feel and see what happens, but don't just give up and move away!

Q asked by Melissa Cochran: I am a 28 year old professional whose been watching Days for 16 years. I still tape the show every day. However, it seems that lately the storylines get dragged out f o r e v e r... After a couple months I find myself losing interest. Do you think the show could move the storylines quicker so I could stop pressing the fast forward on my VCR? Thanks.

Jensen: I'll see what I can do!

Q asked by Jody Gudbranson: Is Texas a good place to go if you want to go on a Holiday? BY THE WAY I THINK YOU ARE A VERY GOOD ACTOR AND DON'T EVER CHANGE THE WAY YOU ARE!! YOU ARE GREAT. Yours always, Jody

Jensen: Thank you, and yes Texas is extremely beautiful and fun!

Q asked by Jody Gudbranson: Are all the guys down in Texas as gorgeous as you? You are great!!! Love Jody

Jensen: Thank you, and, yes Texas people are the BEST!

Q asked by Mary Tepera: dear jensen, i've recently read that you and leann rimes went to the american music awards together. is this a serious relationship or are you two just casual friends? if you are not seeing leann, are you dating anyone? inquiring minds want to know... all my heart, mary

Jensen: LeAnn and I are just casual friends. But yes I am dating a college student at UCLA named Lisa!

Q asked by Renissa M. Garza: What do you miss most about Texas?

Jensen: The friendliest people on earth and clean air!

Q asked by Vanessa Martinez: Have you ever been to McAllen, Texas, or near there? Would you ever go, or go back?

Jensen: Can't say that I've ever been ther but I love Texas, and any town that is within those state lines, I wouldn't mind visiting.

Q asked by Amy: Jensen, I was just surfing the web on this dreary saturday morning here in NJ, when I happened upon this website. Thought I'd just drop a line to say hello to you--if you remember me. I'm Amy from the tour thing in December and the script w/ my friend Vicki in NJ in February. Just want to let you know that I think you're doing a great job. Hope to see you at another event in NJ or NY soon. Perhaps the Emmy's. Take care!

Jensen: Hey Amy, guess what? I'll definitely be in NY for the Emmy's!


Jensen: Eric will alwasy be hesitant about love, and as for a career, it is still uncertain!

Q asked by Vickey Dolton: Just moved to Richardson, from PA and I have a bet with my boys that you are dating Leanne. If I lose, I gotta do there chores for 6 months? Love Days..Your Great on the show Jenson The Dolton Gang!

Jensen: Looks like you're going to be pretty busy for 6 months. No, we are not dating, I already have a girlfriend!

Q asked by Brenda Premo: Is your character, Eric, going to get a job or an education on the show? Currently you exsist to keep Marlena and John apart. Is there potential that you will "get a life"?

Jensen: Yes, Eric will be getting a job and many other things this spring!

Q asked by Jen Scoville: What's your record for on-screen kisses during a single show?

Jensen: I haven't kissed anyone yet!

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