A Weekend With Jensen

A Weekend With JENSEN

When some actors come to Hollywood to try their luck on the TV screen, one of the first things they do is check out the party scene. After all, this city is famous for star-studded soirees and trendy clubs that attract the hottest celebs. So, it wouldnít be surprising to find out that Jensen Ackles likes to spend weekends cruising the cityís clubs.

However, the truth is that the 19 year-old Texan - who is currently co-starring on the daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives - is a mellow homebody who prefers peaceful afternoons in his home and quality time with his closest pals instead of wild nights hitting the Hollywood party scene.

"On Saturdays, I really just like to relax," Jensen shares. His favorite way to do that is curling up on his couch with the TV remote control in his hand. "Iíll watch anything," Jensen tells us. "Iíve never had, like, favorite shows."

Well, thatís not entirely true. If he has to choose between watching a sports game and sitting through reruns of old sitcoms, Jensen will always pick sports. "I really like to watch football games - especially when the Dallas Cowboys are playing," the actor says. "Iím a big sports fan, and I love playing baseball and lacrosse in high school and basketball with my friends back home."

After getting caught up on a little R&R (thatís rest and relaxation), Jensen usually spends his Sundays puttering around the Los Angeles area home he shares with a couple of buddies. "Sundays are usually devoted to cleaning house and doing laundry," he tells BOP. "All week, Iím in and out of the house, throwing stuff here and there, changing clothes really quickly. So, Sunday is my time to clean."

And cleaning is something that Jensen isnít used to doing for himself. Back at his familyís home in Richardson, Texas, the actor says, "I never had to clean because my mom (Donna) was a homemaker, and she did the cleaning. I never did my laundry and I never had to clean my room. So, this is very different for me."

Just because Jensen likes his weekends to include time for housekeeping and TV viewing, donít think he spends all of his Saturdays and Sundays holed up at home. While Jensen enjoys having time to kick back and cool his heels alone, he also looks forward to hanging out with all the new friends heís made since he arrived in town last year. "Iím slowly but surely meeting people through the people that I meet at work. Itís nice to have people to do stuff with when I have spare time," Jensen tells us. For instance, one Sunday not too long ago, he shares, "I went to (The Nannyís) Nicholle Tomís house and had dinner with Nicholle her mom and her brother.

"I donít have much free time in my life now," Jensen continues. "But when I do, I just want it to be completely relaxing and stress-free." Sounds like the perfect weekend to us!



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