Nicole Attacked! Eric Learns the Truth!

Nicole Attacked! Eric Learns the Truth!

Nicole's carefully constructed world comes crashing down around her this week. The beautiful blonde discovers that the price of dishonesty very well may be her relationship with Eric!

For months now, Nicole has concealed the truth of her impoverished and possibly sordid past from a devoted Eric. But her dreams of a brighter future may be demolished, thanks to Jay.

Indeed, Nicole's present fairy-tale life as a model takes a devastating turn when Jay tries to rekindle the love affair that they shared several years ago. He makes a pass at her, and is shocked and furious when she pushes him away. Unable to accept her rejection, he forces himself on the reluctant Nicole.

However, Eric arrives in time to save Nicole from a brutal rape, and, after decking Jay, throws him out of Nicole's apartment.

Nicole is traumatized by the incident, but she adamantly refuses Eric's suggestion that she go to the hospital or the police. Instead, she vows to take care of Jay in her own way. Eric is stunned by her street-tough stance, and, when her spots her N&J tattoo, he begins to put two and two together about her real relationship with Jay.

When her accuses her of being Jay's lover, Nicole says that it's true, but that's in the past. Still, the truth sends Eric reeling--and out the door. Nicole is shocked that Eric actually would break off their relationship, but is determined to recapture his love. Yet Eric may prove to be an elusive target. While Nicole thinks of ways to get him back, an upset Eric seeks comfort with TAYLOR--never suspecting that Nicole's lie may include Taylor as well.

From the October 6, 1998 Issue of Soaps in Depth