Squeaky-Clean Studs:Jensen Ackles

Squeaky-Clean Studs:Jensen Ackles

Cool Character:Days Of Our Lives's Eric Brady

Birth Date:March 1, 1978


Could he be the next: Ryan Phillipe? Why not? They've got the same cleancut looks and sexy, subtle acting style.

Ever worn anything embarrassing for work? "I once had to dress in skintight riding pants with leather patches on the rear end. People on the set were having a field day laughing at me."

Crushin' on any celebs? "I have a big crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt, and now some of my friends know her well. One of these days I'm going to meet her, and she's already going to know how I feel. I've seen her at parties, but I haven't talked to her yet."

What's keeping you from chatting her up? "I haven't had the nerve."

Where would you take a girl to really sweep her off her feet? "I'd pick out a really nice restaurant and call ahead to make sure everything was right, like flowers waiting on the table. Then we'd drive up on top of Mulholland Drive [in Los Angeles] and talk."

Just talk, really? "Well...or whatever came to mind [laughs]."

Okay, Rico Suave, what about a girl drives you totally crazy? "Her hair and her smell. I can't even describe it. Just that scent of a woman."

Boxers, briefs, or nothing for bed?"Nothing? I'd be cold! I sleep in those little plaid flannel pajama bottoms--with nothing underneath."

From the October 1998 Issue of YM Magazine


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