Shining Son


JOSH TAYLOR (Roman, Days of Our Lives) ranks co-star Jensen Ackles (Eric) right up there with the best of his TV sons. "Iíve had some good ones---Jason Bateman (The Hogan Family), Luke Perry (ex-Dylar McKay, Beverly Hills, 90210)," Josh says. "Jensenís in very good company and certainly not behind them. Iím impressed with him. Heís a terrific kid and a very good actor. He listens very well. As a result, his stuff is real. Thereís very little acting going on."

According to Josh, he and Jensen have bonded. "Basically, what I did when Jensen first got here was say, ĎAny time you want to run lines, just come to my room.í And he has. Weíve gotten into some good discussions." During one, the pair discovered "Weíre both jocks. I have a football background; I was a quarterback at Dartmouth. And Iíve played some baseball. I found out Jensen played baseball and lacrosse in high school." Aside from their affinity for sports, Josh has noticed "a similarity in nature" between him and Jensen. "Weíre both pretty easygoing. And a lot of people have told me that thereís a similarity in appearance." Josh predicts Jensen will be a big hit with Days fans. "I think women will be very happy with him, as well as men," he notes. "Heís got that quality that lends itself to being attractive to (both sexes). Jensenís a womanís man, and a manís man, too."

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