Jensen Ackles, Daytime's Hottest Stars

Jensen Ackles

Daytime's Sexiest Stars

Character:Eric Brady
Love Status:My girlfriend, Lisa Rideg. She's a social studies major at UCLA and graduates this summer.
What's your sign?Pisces
Favoriet betime attire:Silk boxers
Sexiest feature:I get the most compliments on my eyes. They say there's mischief and knowing in them.
What puts you in the mood?Candlelight. It's so soothing and relaxing.
To feel sexy, I put on:A suave yet playful attitude. That puts out the signals!
Favorite sexy movie:When A Man Loves A Woman. There's a scene at the beginning when Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan pretend they don't know each other even though they're married. It was a great scene--sexy.
Sexiest woman alive:Ashley Judd. I'm a big fan.
Personal definition of sexy:When I'm feeling confident, when I know that the feelings are mutual.

Soap Opera Magazine--May 12, 1998.