Love For Eric

Love For Eric

Cupid is about to take aim at Eric Brady. Producers have advised the actor who plays him, Jensen Ackles, to get ready for romance. "I told him that in six months, he wonít be able to go to the grocery store by himself without being attacked by teenagers," jokes executive producer Tom Langan, adding, "He probably has a little of that now. Heís proven very popular among younger viewers." Since the 19-year oldís debut last July in the role of Samiís twin, he has shown every sign of becoming DAYSí next big thing - and the show has been quick to notice.

The actor was one of four cast members featured in an NBC Daytime promotional calendar, and recently was a part of the DAYS contingent that traveled to Tucson, Ariz., for the NBC Daydream Tour Ď97. Insiders predict that once Eric becomes a half of a supercouple, Acklesí star will rise even higher.

According to Langan, DAYS most likely will look outside the showís current cast for Ericís love interest, noting that the selection of available females on DAYS near his age is extremely limited. Ackles admits that he is looking forward to being paired up. "I canít wait," he says. "With love, there are so many different emotions that you can play. As an actor, thatís a lot of fun."

Until Eric is paired off, he will continue to play a role in the recovering of Roman, his still-ill-but-not-terminally father. "Eric is still very pained by Marlena and Romanís breakup," related Langan. "He definitely wants them to get back together."

Josh Taylor (Roman) is more than happy to share more screen time with his TV son. "Jensen is so mature," marvels Taylor. "Iíve played opposite a few sons on THE HOGAN FAMILY and BEVERLY HILLS, 90210, and let me tell you, Iím impressed with Jensen's work." Despite the accolades, Ackles isn't getting a swelled head. "It's a little overwhelming, but itís fun," he says. "Iím enjoying it while it lasts."

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