Late Night with Jensen

Late Night With JENSEN

"I don't think I need eight hours of sleep. I do fine with about six," says Jensen Ackles

It's midnight--do you know where your favorite soap star is? Well, Jensen Ackles (Eric), for one, is probably just getting to bed. Although his usual wake-up time is around 6 a.m., Ackles is a night owl who just can't get to sleep if he hits the sack too early. "I'll go to bed, but usually end up watching THE TONIGHT SHOW," he admits. He adds that he's a very light sleeper and has to have a fan on in his bedroom to drown out annoying night sounds. "Cars in the distance--or even crickets--will keep me awake if I don't." Once he's out, though, he's really out. "When that alarm goes off in the morning, I'm in a deep sleep," he reports. "There's no way music will wake me up, so I have to set the alarm to the irritating beeping sound. That gets me right out of bed."

Soaps In Depth--June 2, 1998