Jensen's Girl Jitters

Jensen's Girl Jitters

Jensen Ackles may be one of the cutest boys on television these days, but that does not mean that his handsome looks automatically translate into girl-attracting confidence. What may surprise you is that when this Days of Our Lives regular sees a memeber of the opposite sex that he'd love to talk to, he actually becomes frozen in his tracks!

"I get really nervous around a girl," the 20-year-old actor blushingly admits to BOP. "Like when I talk to them, or when it comes to approaching girls, I'm the worst. I could look at one across the room for three hours and have all my friends go 'Go talk to her! Go talk to her!' and I just wouldn't do it!" Who would have thought that a soap opera actor, someone who subjects himself to the highest form of scrutiny by appearing in front of millions of viewers day in and day out, would have a problem communicating with one particular person?

While Jensen acknowledges that his non-actor friends are pretty comfortable in this department, this shy guy just can't seem to muster up the courage to talk to a girl himself, let alone ask one out on a date! "It takes a little more than just seeing them and going up and talking to them," Jensen confesses to BOP. "It's tough."

Perhaps what's truly going on in Jensen's scared mind is a severe case of rejection. "Girls, you know, they say 'Why don't you come up and talk to me or something?'" he mimics of girls who act as if Jensen's got nothing to lose by approaching them. Well, the truth is, Jensen's doesn't have anything to lose, except maybe a chance to meet Miss Right!

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