Nicole's Past Threatens Her Future With Eric!

Nicole's Past Threatens Her Future With Eric

Nicole wants desperately to get back with Eric, but circumstances beyond her control--namely Taylor and Lucas--may prevent that from happening. Taylor decides it's time to pay her sister back. She is ticked at Nicole for lying to Eric and making him angry with her. Nicole told Eric the lie about not being sisters was Taylor's idea, because she was ashamed of her connection to Nicole. Taylor informs Nicole that she can't let Eric think she was the one lying to him...and threatens to spill the beans about Nicole's tainted past! But Nicole quickly turns the tables on her little sister. If Taylor blabs, Nicole will let Eric know that Taylor has a crush on him!

Taylor confesses to Eric that she has always lived in Nicole's shadow. She explains to Eric that she kept the truth from him because she desperately wanted to be liked for who she is, not for who her sister is.

Can He Forgive Nicole?

Taylor's hope of a romantic future with Eric seems shattered when she spies Nicole and Eric in a tender moment. But it's not all that it seems: Eric tells Nicole he will forgive her only if she vows never to lie to him again. Will Nicole come clean about everything that she's been keeping from him all of this time...or will she keep the door to her past slammed as solidly shut as the bars of the "mystery man's" jail cell?

"Eric has too much pride to forget about what's happened," say JENSEN ACKLES (Eric). "But I don't think he knows what--or whom--to believe at this point." But he still has strong feelings for Nicole, so how will he react when she asks him to give their relationship another chance? "When someone betrays Eric's trust," says ACKLES, "he has a hard time believing anything they say."

Lucas' Opportunity

Taylor has taken on a second job to help pay her college expenses. Working as a physical therapy assistant, Taylor is helping Lucas recover from his car accident. When Taylor notices Lucas' new determination to get better, he tells her his motivation is...Nicole! Lucas admits that he's attracted to Nicole and hopes to move in on the territory recently vacated by Eric.

Lucas notices Taylor's avid interest in what's going on between Eric and Nicole...and figures out that Taylor likes Eric--although she, of course, doesn't admit this. Lucas tells Taylor that he thinks she'd be a great match for Eric. It doesn't seem that Lucas and Taylor have much in common right now, but these two just might choose to eventually join forces and work together to seek out their hearts' desires.

Soap Opera Update, November 10, 1998