First Loves--Eric and Nicole

First Loves--Eric and Nicole

Picture Perfect

When Walker's hidden past comes to light, she will have to trust Eric's love is strong enough to withstand the shock--and her deception!

It all happened ofver a cup of coffee for these two young lovebirds. When Salem's newest resident, a comely waitress, served Eric java, he couldn't help but engage her in conversation. Later, when it appeared as if she might land a modeling gig at Titan, the handsome shutterbug snapped a few shots of her so that she could hedge her bets. "Eric cares about people and wants to help them," says Jensen Ackles, his portrayer. "With Nicole, he's trying to do the right thing." And, it's paying off! Fate intervened, and they both were hired by Titan! Now, although they've only dated a few times, there is a close bond forming between them, and not a moment too soon. The mystery of her past is unfolding fast, and if she is to hold onto Eric, he will have to truly, madly, deeply love her.

Soaps in Depth--June 23, 1998