Like Father Like Son

Like Father Like Son

Some people inherit blue eyes, big feet or even freckles from their dads. But for Jensen Ackles, who stared in the NBC sitcom MR. RHODES playing the role of Malcolm (and now Eric on DAYS OF OUR LIVES), his dad passed along something even better - a gift for acting!

"People ask me, ĎWhere did you learn how to act?" the 18-year-old actor tells BOP. "Iíve never been in acting classes or studied acting in any way. Itís my dad, you know?" It turns out that Jensenís pop, Alan, is a professional actor in their hometown near Dallas, Texas. The elder Ackles has appeared in Walker, Texas Ranger and several television movies.

Jensen may have inherited his acting talent, but his dad helped with some fine-tuning, too. "When I was in high school, I was in theater, and whenever I had a scene I would take it home to my dad and he would help me with it. He formed me into the actor that I am today," Jensen gushes.

Believe it or not, Jensen never planned on following in his fatherís acting footsteps. "Iíd done commercials in Dallas, but I never thought it would ever become anything," Jensen shares. "I just thought, ĎHey, Iíll do this while Iím here and then Iíll go to college and do something else."

However, after making a splash in an acting workshop, some talent managers suggested Jensen make the move to Los Angeles, California. He decided to give Hollywood a try-and it wasnít long before Jensen won the role of Malcolm Butterworth on Mr. Rhodes.

Even though heís now far from home, Jensen is never out of touch with his biggest fan for long. "I talk to my dad probably every other day," the blond babe proudly admits. Not only life father like son, seems like son likes father, too.