A Dog Named Dallas


Since moving into their new digs---a spacious home in the San Fernando Valley---Jensen Ackles (Eric, Days of Our Lives) and his roommates, Chris and Ty, decided that there was one thing missing---a dog. "We all grew up with dogs and missed not having one around," Jensen says.

Choosing one was the hard part. "I wanted a big dog, a Lab or a German Shepherd, because I never had one," Ackles says. "I grew up with pugs. Ty was set on a German Shepherd and Chris wanted something with a great personality, a dog that was frisky. So we had to take all of that into consideration." For nearly two months the guys visited animal shelters in Pasadena and Burbank, "because we didnít want to buy a dog. We wanted to rescue one," Jensen says. Finally, he and Chris found their dream dog---a shepherd/rottweiler mix "with floppy ears and big paws. As soon as we saw her, we said, ĎWeíve got to show Ty," Jensen recounts, noting that Ty readily approved of their pick. But the dog wasnít available for three days.

Determined to get their pooch, Jensen and his pals showed up at the shelter at 8 A.M., the day the dog was scheduled for release. "It was first come, first served. We didnít know how many other people wanted this dog. But when we got there, it was just us, like it was meant to be." Jensen says naming their dog was a lot easier than finding her. "We decided to call her Dallas, because thatís where we all grew up. It just seemed like the cool thing to do."

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