Jensen's Brotherly Love

Jensen's Brotherly Love

He balances out the evil of his twin sister on daytime television with his good-natured sensibility. But what kind of brother does Jensen Ackles make in real life?

After watching the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives, you can't help but imagine Jensen Ackles as Eric Brady, the deep-thinking and sensitive (not to mention adorable) twin brother to psycho twin sister Sami. He just makes you want to jump into the TV screen, hug him and whisper into his ear that everything's going to be all right!

On the show, Jensen always seems to have his loved ones' best interests at heart, even if he doesn't vocalize it a lot of the time. But it makes you wonder: From where does Jensen get that brotherly feeling that comes across so well on-screen?

You can call it acting if you want, but when Jensen last spoke with BB, he made sure that he spoke long and well of both his real-life siblings, younger sister Mackenzie and older brother Joshua, who both live in Dallas, Texas. And even though Jensen now resides in Los Angeles, California, that hasn't changed the unbreakable bond that he has with each of them. "I talk to them all the time," the 19-year-old actor confesses.

As far as Jensen's tie to Mackenzie, who is seven years his junior, he couldn't sound any more like a loving brother than if he was acting. "I am [loving], but I can still pick on her," he admits. "She just started junior high this year, so the protective business has kicked in."

Aside from "knocking her around" when they ahve the chance to spend time together, Jensen adds, "I have forewarned her [about dating] that she'd better not be doing stupid things because I'm just a plane ride away."

Jensen's relationship with his other brother by four years, Joshua, is also founded on love, despite their occasional tendencies to rough each other up when they get together. "One time, I just picked him up and threw him on the ground," the 6-foot-1 actor laughingly explains. "I'm bigger than him. He's a couple of inches shorter than me and 10 to 15 pounds lighter." According to Jensen, that's what happens after years of "sharing the bathroom and the shower and the toilet."

Sounds as if Jensen's self-contained days at Days playing Eric may cause Jensen to slip into the regressed state of a little kid whenever he finds the time to catch up with his brother and sister. Lucky for them, being thousands of miles away makes for a lot less "love taps" from their adorable and adoring brother Jensen.

From the May 1998 issue of BB magazine