Best Friends with Jensen

Best Friends with Jensen

The More the Merrier

If you want to know what Ackles really is like, his roomie, Ty, is the guy to ask! The actor hints that his bud knows more about him than Sami does about anyone in Salem!

Unlike his daytime persona, who prefers solitued to socializing, Jensen Ackles enjoys a large circle of close-knit buddies. "I'm lucky because I have nine friends whom I would trust with my life," he states emphatically. However, if he was to narrow it down to his absolute best friend--well, he'd still have more than one. "My roommates, Ty Vaughn and Chris Dowling, are my best friends," says Jensen. The trio grew up together in North Dallas, but Ty and Jensen have been bunking together longer. As a result, admits Jensen, "Ty probably knows more about me than anybody else."

Soaps in Depth--June 23, 1998

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