Jensen Ackles--Daytime's 50 Most Beautiful People

Jensen Ackles

Daytime's 50 Most Beautiful People

Those lips! Those eyes! It's no wonder Ackles landed work as a catalog model and did commercials during high school, moving quickly through the wannabes to land a role on the TV show Mr. Rhodes after arriving in L.A. two years ago. And in less than six months he earned an Outstanding Younger Actor Emmy nomination.

Castmate Arianne Zuker (Nicole), who has worked as a model surrounded by handsome me, says, "On a scale of one to 10, Jensen is definitely a 10 in my book! And he's very open, honest and sweet."

His good looks stir comment from others, too. "Too cute for life," says makeup artist Gail Brubaker. "He's such a doll. Not only great looking, he's a nice guy! Wonderful bone structure, a terrific face!"

Ackles himself gets fidgety when asked about his looks. "It's my mother and father's doing, not anything I've accomplished," he demurs with a self-conscious smile. By now Ackles has grown comfortable in his skin, though he recalls a time only a few years ago, back home in Texas, when his looks were no blessing. "In high school, there may have been a little jealousy from other guys," he admits, but it's a bit like the hypothetical question: Would you rather be rich or poor? Handsome or just average at best? "Exactly!" he laughs, as the room grows brighter.--L.Z.

Soap Opera Magazine--July 14, 1998

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