Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Pad

After five months of living by himself in Los Angeles, Jensen Ackles (Eric, Days) is welcoming a roommate: Ty Vaughn, a high school buddy. "He works in production for the Saturday morning show HANG TIME," Jensen says, noting that Ty was slated to be his roommate at Texas Tech. "But when I decided not to go to college, Ty said, Well, I'm not going to go live by myself. He ended up staying at home and going to community college for a semester. Then I convinced him to move out here."

Jensen's glad he did. "It's been so much nicer having somebody here who knows me and who I know. The two of us have been friends for years." Now the guys are adjusting to their first apartment together. "I always imagined what it would be like living on my own. It's cool. But it requires a lot more responsibility." For the most part Jensen enjoys it, but there is a downside. "Like the big pile of laundry that's piled up in the corner of my room. Then there's washing dishes and keeping the house clean. I really never had to worry about that when I lived at home," Jensen says. he and Ty are slowly developing their domestic engineering skills. "We're learning to be maids, cooks--all that stuff. Dabbling on the stove can be fun, as long as it's quick and easy." .

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