Who's That Babe?

Who's That Babe?

Age: 19
Status: Single
Hometown: Richardson, Texas (a suburb of Dallas)

How You Know Him: This soap stud has been steaming up the screen as good guy Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives. But you might remember him from the short-lived series Mr. Rhodes or his guest roles on Sweet Valley High and Cybill.

Breakin' Into the Biz: "I had done a couple of regional commercials and some catalog modeling in Texasx when I was younger. But it really wasn't until I went with a friend to an open call that I was 'discovered.'" Isn't that friend majorly bummed? "No, he's not mad---in fact, he's one of my roomates in L.A."

All the Right Career Moves: "Acting wasn't really something I knew I wanted to do---Days of Our Lives was the turning point. I don't want to be huge like Tom Cruise. I'd rather have a career like Chris O'Donnell. He gets good parts, but he can still walk around like a normal guy, without hiring bodyguards."

On His Days Character: "I'm sure Eric has some skeletons in his closet that are sure to come out. There's no such thing as a completely good guy on soaps!"

Does He Get Recognized?: "Sometimes. I went to the mall the other day and nobody recognized me. Then I went to see a movie and the girl taking tickets was like, 'Will you sign this ticket stub?'" Gentlemanly Jensen did, of course.

Bachelor Pad: "I live with two friends from high school in a small house in L.A. We just got a dog. It's still a puppy---a German shepherd-rottweiler mix named Dallas."

On His Single Status: "I don't have a girlfriend. I did date a lot in high school---I had two serious girlfriends. Right now I'm just busy working."

What He Likes in a Girl: "I like a girl I can joke around with and hang out with, someone on the same wavelength, someone who's smart and can be herself around me."

Up Next: "I have a three-year contract with Days so I'll be there for a while. Eventually, I want to take some basic courses to keep my wits up. I'd also like to be able to do some film work."

From the April 1998 Issue of Teen Magazine


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