dina7979: HEY YOU

rick89: Hey you, I just sent
you an email*hug*:-)

dina7979: :) How was you

rick89: It is ok, my parents
are coming home tonight, so
my brother and i are cleaning
and I am trying to do
homework. How was yours?

dina7979: Mine was ok. I
mostly studied, and I had to
work on a paper. Where are
your parents?

rick89: they are probably on
their way over the summet
right now on I-80, but they
went ot the Grand Canyon.

dina7979: Oh...that's neat! :)
rick89: *LOL* Neat?*L* I
haven't heard that word used
for awhile, I guess since the
last time we chatted*L*

dina7979: *LOL* How far is
the grand canyon from where
you live?

rick89: I think about like 10
hours or 9 something in that
ballpark. do you know how
far it is from you?

dina7979: I have no
clue..probably 20 or 30
hours! :)

rick89: :-)That doesn't sound
to bad*L* just kidding*S*
is it sunny back there?

dina7979: Nope....It has been
raining yesterday and today.
It's not raining now, but it
is dark anyway.

rick89: Here, the sun just
popped through the clouds for
hte first time this weekend.

dina7979: Yeah..it's been
nasty here. What time does it
get dark there?

rick89: around 5:30 what
about there?

dina7979: Yeah...about the

rick89: do you get cool
sunsets there?

dina7979: Sometimes! :) Not
today though! :)

rick89: Yeah, I don't think
we will have one tonight
How are your classes

dina7979: They are going
pretty good. I am ready to
get out for Christmas though!
:) How about yours?

rick89: They are ok, nothing
to scream about though.
Calc, sucks hard core. I
thought I like math, but my
desire for it stops at

dina7979: *LOL* I know what
you mean. I'm glad that all I
had to take was college
algebra! :)

dina7979: Any cute girls?
rick89: *L* yeah, at least I
only need one semester of
this though and it is almost
Cute girls where?

dina7979: In your classes? at
school? where ever?

rick89: *L* I live in Nevada
City, pop. of 3,000 of so.
Not to many in town.
School there are a few and I
mean a few too*L*
I guess there are some in my

dina7979: *L* There are TONS
of cute guys here!:)
Especially my film guy! :)

rick89: *LOL* oh yeah how is
your relationship with him
going? progressing any?
That is one major reason why
i can't wait until i go away
to school*L* but for the
girls of course*L*

dina7979: Of course! *LOL*
Um..we're just friends ;( not
progressing like I want, but
oh well. You know what, I
just found out that his dorm
is right across the parking
lot from mine! :)

rick89: *L* really, you just
found that out? How often do
you guys talk?

dina7979: Yep, just found
out! :) We just talk in class
and when we see each other on
campus and things like that.

rick89: have you eaten dinner
with him? didn't you do that

dina7979: Kind of...I saw him
in the cafeteria, and we
ended up eating together. It
wasn't really planned or

rick89: *L* Hey but you did
eat with him.
What does he look like?

dina7979: *L* What did we
eat? Hm...I can't remember! :)
He's so cute. He has light
brown hair and blue eyes. His
hair was kind of longish, but
he got it all cut off. And,
he's kind of tall. um...

rick89: *L* I meant at least
you ate with him.*L*
is he over 6 foot?

dina7979: *LOL* wait a
minute..you didn't ask what

dina7979: *LOL*
rick89: Nope*LOL*
dina7979: Um...I think he is
6 foot.

rick89: You must be reading
things that I don't see*L*

dina7979: I must be delirious
from studying so much! *L*

rick89: is he built?
*L* or because your always
delirious*L* just kidding:-)

dina7979: *L* Um..he's got a
good body, and of course a
nice little butt! :)

*LOL* of course he has to
have the butt!!! Oh my gosh,
there is this girl in my calc
class that has brown hair
down to just above her butt,
and the other down at break
she and a friend walked by me
as I was sitting on a bench.
she had on tight black pants,
and man she has the nicest
butt I have ever seen. *LOL*
just thought I would let you

I gotta go, I am glad we
chatted a little bit. maybe
we will do it again soon!!!!
I have to go feed our goats
and horses. I will talk to
you soon.

dina7979: *LOL* I'm glad you
told me about her cute butt!
:) Have fun feeding you goats,
and I will talk to you soon!
*HUG* Bye!

rick89: It is wierd how I
have photographic memory when
it comes to somethings and
other thigns I can't remember
I will try to but they kind
of stink so it is not to
take care!!!!!*hug*
I have missed you!

dina7979: I'm missed you too!
Bye!! *kotc*

rick89: :-) ciao*S*
dina7979: talk to you soon!

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