dina7979: Hi there!
Kenzi68596: uh. hello.
dina7979: How are you doing?
Kenzi68596: i am good. and you? who are you?
dina7979: Is this not Schnookumss?
Kenzi68596: are you one of Kenzi's friends?
dina7979: Yeah..I am...
dina7979: This isn't Kenzi?
Kenzi68596: oh. she will be on the computer later. this is
her father. just came to check something.

dina7979: OH..sorry! :)
Kenzi68596: that's ok! how are you this evening?
dina7979: I'm pretty good! How are you doing?
Kenzi68596: I'm good. thank you. are you in the same
class as Kenzi?

dina7979: No...I'm from Mississippi. I met Kenzi online.
Kenzi68596: oh, I see.
dina7979: :)
Kenzi68596: how old are you? same age?
dina7979: Actually..I'm 19.
Kenzi68596: she never tells us who she meets on the
computer. =)

Kenzi68596: oh. you DO know how old Kenzi is, right?
dina7979: Yeah..I know! :)
Kenzi68596: that doesn't bother you that she is much

dina7979: Not really...I've only talked to her a couple
times..she seems to be a sweet girl.

Kenzi68596: oh, why thank you. =)
dina7979: :)
Kenzi68596: you know, your name looks familiar like I
have seen it before. hmmm. . . .

dina7979: Really...Hm......
Kenzi68596: maybe it is my imagination.
dina7979: Maybe....:)
Kenzi68596: but. . . do you have a celebrity fan page?
dina7979: Yeah...Jensen Ackles!
Kenzi68596: oh. =) see, I wasn't going crazy. I am not
THAT old. =)

dina7979: LOL....
Kenzi68596: what is LOL?
dina7979: laugh out loud
dina7979: :)
Kenzi68596: sorry, I don't really go on the computer.
dina7979: That's ok! :)
Kenzi68596: thank you. you have a nice page. very
dedicated to that star.

dina7979: Thank you!!! :) Yeah...he's a great actor.
Kenzi68596: yeah, he is. =) well, it was a pleasure
meeting yet another Jensen fan, but I have to go. Kenzi
will be on a little later, if you would like to wait for her and

dina7979: Ok...It was nice meeting you too! :)
Kenzi68596: sure. =)
dina7979: Bye!
Kenzi68596: bye now.