dina7979: Hi there! Do you remember me?
ShNoOkUmSs: um. you have that Jensen page,right?
dina7979: Yeah! :) How are you doing?
ShNoOkUmSs: fine. you?
dina7979: I'm pretty good! :)
ShNoOkUmSs: so, how's your Jensen page going along?
dina7979: Pretty good, I guess. I just changed it up a little
tonight! You should go check it out! :)

ShNoOkUmSs: ok, I'll check it a little later ok?
dina7979: That's fine! :)
dina7979: Can I ask you a stupid question?
dina7979: :)
ShNoOkUmSs: sure.
dina7979: Are you absolutely sure that you aren't
Mackenie Ackles? :) One of my online friends swears to
me that you are!

ShNoOkUmSs: who said that?
dina7979: Um...I'd rather not say.
dina7979: But, I don't think this person has ever talked to

ShNoOkUmSs: oh
ShNoOkUmSs: then how would they know this is

dina7979: I assume from some of her other online friends.
ShNoOkUmSs: oh.
dina7979: So, anyways....
ShNoOkUmSs: yes ?
ShNoOkUmSs: sorry, I was just talking to one of my
friends that I haven't seen in years...she's from PA

dina7979: That's ok. :)
dina7979: You're 13, right? What grade are you in?
ShNoOkUmSs: right.
ShNoOkUmSs: 8th
dina7979: That's cool. So, how is your school year going?
ShNoOkUmSs: pretty good...yours?
dina7979: Pretty good. I'm a sophomore in college, by the

ShNoOkUmSs: oh..
ShNoOkUmSs: you don't mind talking to an 8th grader ?
dina7979: Not at all! :)
dina7979: What kind of things do you like to do?
ShNoOkUmSs: I love horsebackriding...
ShNoOkUmSs: Hanson....Hanson...and oh yea...Hanson..
dina7979: That is so cool. I am deathly afraid of horses

dina7979: Hanson...hm....do you like 'N sync?
ShNoOkUmSs: yea.
dina7979: I went to school with one of the guys in there.
ShNoOkUmSs: yea ?
ShNoOkUmSs: who ?
dina7979: Lance Bass
ShNoOkUmSs: oh...
ShNoOkUmSs: he's cool
dina7979: He's a really nice guy.
dina7979: But, you like Hanson better?
ShNoOkUmSs: yea
dina7979: Who's your favorite one?
ShNoOkUmSs: Taylor
dina7979: That's the middle one right?
ShNoOkUmSs: right
dina7979: Yeah..he is cute.
dina7979: So, do you watch any soaps?
ShNoOkUmSs: nope..
ShNoOkUmSs: my mom does...
ShNoOkUmSs: well, I do watch ONE....
dina7979: Really.....I just watch Days. And, a little Sunset
Beach, because my roommate likes that one.

ShNoOkUmSs: oh
ShNoOkUmSs: I like Days
dina7979: Yeah, it has been really good the past few days.
ShNoOkUmSs: yea..
ShNoOkUmSs: Sami and Eric is my fave characters.
dina7979: Eric is definately my favorite! :) And, Alison
Sweeney does a great job playing Sami.

ShNoOkUmSs: yea. she's a really nice person.
dina7979: That's what I have heard. It's strange how
someone so nice could play a character that is so mean.

ShNoOkUmSs: yea..
ShNoOkUmSs: but she does a good job at it.
dina7979: Yeah...a GREAT job!
ShNoOkUmSs: hehe.
dina7979: Without her, Days would be so boring.
ShNoOkUmSs: and Eric too..lol
ShNoOkUmSs: and Kate.
ShNoOkUmSs: and Stefano.
dina7979: Without Eric, the show wouldn't be worth
watching! :)

dina7979: Yeah....I like Kate a lot.
dina7979: Do you like Nicole?
ShNoOkUmSs: she's ok
dina7979: Yea...she's ok. I like Taylor.
dina7979: So, how was your labor day?
ShNoOkUmSs: yea. taylor is cute. it was good.
ShNoOkUmSs: some family came ...I haven't seen them in
such a long time, so they spent labor day weekend with

dina7979: That's cool. My family had a little cookout
thingy for labor day.

ShNoOkUmSs: oh cool
dina7979: Yeah..it was fun!
dina7979: Yeah, but Taylor is cute. I definately think Eric
should be with her! :)

ShNoOkUmSs: oh, sorry. I was out of the room.
ShNoOkUmSs: i'm back now.
dina7979: That's ok! :) So are you a cheerleader at school
or anything?

ShNoOkUmSs: nope
ShNoOkUmSs: Are you?
dina7979: OH...I wasn't either! LOL
ShNoOkUmSs: lol
dina7979: lol
dina7979: What time is it there?
ShNoOkUmSs: it's 1:24.
ShNoOkUmSs: how about u?
dina7979: Same here. I thought it was the same, but I
wasn't sure.

ShNoOkUmSs: oh, where are you from?
dina7979: Mississippi
ShNoOkUmSs: oh. it's the same time?
dina7979: Yeah.....
ShNoOkUmSs: oh
dina7979: Have you lived in Texas all of your life?
ShNoOkUmSs: yea.
dina7979: I've lived in Ms all my life, in the same house in

ShNoOkUmSs: oh.
ShNoOkUmSs: I've lived in Dallas, then I moved to
Richardson, Tx.

dina7979: Really? How far from Dallas is Richardson?
ShNoOkUmSs: hmmm...about 45 min...or something...I
don't exactly know.

dina7979: That's not too far. I actually live in a dorm here
at school right now. My house is about 1 1/2 hours away.

ShNoOkUmSs: oh..cool.
ShNoOkUmSs: how is like living in a dorm?
dina7979: It's fun. Definately more freedom. I am rooming
with a good friend of mine, so we are having lots of fun.

ShNoOkUmSs: oh, cool
dina7979: Yep....it's fun.
dina7979: Do you have any pets?
ShNoOkUmSs: nope.
ShNoOkUmSs: My brother does. he doesn't live with me

dina7979: Really? I have a cat at my house. Her name is
patches! :)

ShNoOkUmSs: cute.
dina7979: Yeah..she's cute. I have two older brothers....
ShNoOkUmSs: really?
dina7979: neither of them live at my house.
ShNoOkUmSs: that's cool
dina7979: Yeah...
dina7979: What soap does your mom watch?
ShNoOkUmSs: AMC, Days...and something else...
ShNoOkUmSs: I forgot..
dina7979: That's cool! :)
ShNoOkUmSs: yea..
ShNoOkUmSs: I never really liked soaps..
dina7979: I never really watched them either. Until a few
years ago, I started watching Days, and I have been
hooked ever since! :)

ShNoOkUmSs: hehe..
dina7979: My mom used to watch Days when I was little,
but she doesn't really watch it that much anymore.

ShNoOkUmSs: oh, my mom always watched AMC, and
then started watching Days

dina7979: I've never watched AMC......
ShNoOkUmSs: it's ok.
ShNoOkUmSs: but Days is better
dina7979: Yeah, definately. Days is AWESOME! :)
ShNoOkUmSs: =)
dina7979: My roommate watches Sunset Beach, but now I
have gotten her hooked on days.

ShNoOkUmSs: lol
dina7979: But, she's got me hooked on SB too! lol
ShNoOkUmSs: lol. that's a good show. a lot of my friends
watch it

dina7979: Really...I just started watching it, and its pretty

ShNoOkUmSs: yea.
ShNoOkUmSs: I love Cole
dina7979: Cole....he's ok. Right now, I like the
Ben/Meg/Maria storyline.

dina7979: I think Tim is cute.
ShNoOkUmSs: yea. that's cool
ShNoOkUmSs: yea, he's cute too
ShNoOkUmSs: they all are
ShNoOkUmSs: mostly
dina7979: Yeah...but, not as cute as JENSEN!!! :)
ShNoOkUmSs: lol
dina7979: I think Father Antonio is cute too.....
dina7979: Where did you get the name shnookumss from?
ShNoOkUmSs: yea..he's adorable
ShNoOkUmSs: oh, you don't like it? lol
dina7979: LOL...no, it's cute. I was just wondering!
ShNoOkUmSs: my best friend calls me Shnookies....so I
got it from that...we have nicknames for each other...

ShNoOkUmSs: so, I couldn't decide on any name at the

ShNoOkUmSs: I'm gonna change it though...
dina7979: Why? I think it's cute...
dina7979: I couldn't think of a name either...I just put my
name and then my birthday.

ShNoOkUmSs: yea...it is cute...my brother always makes
fun of me with it.

ShNoOkUmSs: oh.
ShNoOkUmSs: if I change it, want me to let you know?
dina7979: Yeah! :)
ShNoOkUmSs: ok, sure.
dina7979: How many brothers do you have?
ShNoOkUmSs: what's you email address?
ShNoOkUmSs: 2
dina7979: dina.mccarty@usm.edu
ShNoOkUmSs: older
ShNoOkUmSs: ok, thanks.
dina7979: Don't you love having older brothers?
ShNoOkUmSs: it's ok. but my friends love it...
ShNoOkUmSs: lol
dina7979: Oh really! :)
dina7979: Do you like being the baby of the family?
ShNoOkUmSs: kinda...it has its priveledges...
dina7979: It sure does! :)
ShNoOkUmSs: how old are your brothers?
dina7979: Um...27 and 24. you?
ShNoOkUmSs: 2321
ShNoOkUmSs: 23 and 21
dina7979: that's cool.
dina7979: So, what do your parents do?
ShNoOkUmSs: my mom works here and there....and my
dad's in the entertainment industry...how about you?

dina7979: My mother is a secretary and my father is an

ShNoOkUmSs: oh
dina7979: What does he do in the entertainment industry?
ShNoOkUmSs: um...a lot of different things...
dina7979: oh....
dina7979: Do you have a boyfriend?
ShNoOkUmSs: nope.
ShNoOkUmSs: do u?
dina7979: Nope, not at the moment! :)
ShNoOkUmSs: I can't believe I'm online sooo long...
ShNoOkUmSs: I'm still so new at this...
dina7979: I know...I didn't realize it was so late. How long
have you been coming online?

ShNoOkUmSs: not long..
ShNoOkUmSs: we had online, but then it got
disconnected for awhile....until we got a new computer.

ShNoOkUmSs: but I'm new at this.
dina7979: Oh....me too. We just got the internet last

ShNoOkUmSs: oh.
dina7979: But, my brother has a masters degree in
computers, so he helps me a lot.

ShNoOkUmSs: oh, that's cool
dina7979: Yeah, it is.
dina7979: Do you know what you want to do when you
get older?

ShNoOkUmSs: nope...
dina7979: I didn't know either, until last year...
ShNoOkUmSs: what do you want to be?
dina7979: A speech pathologist. I want to work with little
deaf children, and help them to speak normally.

ShNoOkUmSs: oh, that's nice.
dina7979: I guess! :)
ShNoOkUmSs: so, tell me...how long have you been a
Jensen fan? just wondering

dina7979: Um...ever since he came on days. He is
absolutely beautiful, and he's such a great actor.

ShNoOkUmSs: yea..he's a great actor.
dina7979: Yeah......no one else could be Eric Brady. He's

dina7979: I have a couple of friends who have met him,
and they say he is supernice.

ShNoOkUmSs: lol..that's nice of you to say
ShNoOkUmSs: yea. who met him?
dina7979: It's true. He is awesome.
dina7979: I have a couple of friends who live in New
Jersey. They met him when he did an appearance there,
and they talked to him again at the Emmys.

ShNoOkUmSs: oh. that's cool..
ShNoOkUmSs: it's always nice when fans do something
nice for the people they adore......

dina7979: Yeah...I want to meet him so bad. Maybe
someday! :)

ShNoOkUmSs: someday.
dina7979: Hopefully! :)
ShNoOkUmSs: =)
dina7979: It would absolutely be the thrill of a lifetime to
meet him.

ShNoOkUmSs: yea. to you and the rest of the Days

ShNoOkUmSs: he's so popular now.
dina7979: I know!!! :)
dina7979: But, he never comes to Ms! :(
ShNoOkUmSs: you never know...he might...
dina7979: Well, if he does, I will definately be there! :)
ShNoOkUmSs: lol..I bet u will!
dina7979: Oh yeah....LOL
dina7979: I want to go to San Antonio in Sept...but, that's
a little too far.

ShNoOkUmSs: Oh..
ShNoOkUmSs: it's actually close to me..
dina7979: Really?
dina7979: I think its like 14 or 15 hours from here.......
dina7979: I think.
ShNoOkUmSs: it's like 2 hrs from me, i think
dina7979: Oh really......
ShNoOkUmSs: yea
ShNoOkUmSs: you there?
dina7979: Yeah....I'm sorry.
ShNoOkUmSs: do you know of other Jensen Ackles

ShNoOkUmSs: that'sok
dina7979: Yeah..there are lots of other sites.....My links
page has a lot of other ones on there........

dina7979: https://members.tripod.com/~ackles/links.html
ShNoOkUmSs: thanks.
dina7979: You know what, I think one of my mother's
friends used to live in Richardson.

ShNoOkUmSs: really?
ShNoOkUmSs: Oh, I've seen most of these pages. wow.
he sure has a lot of websites!

dina7979: Yeah...but, I think it was Richardson....her
daughter went to Berkner high school. Is that in

dina7979: Yeah...there are alot of websites about him now.
ShNoOkUmSs: yea. it is.
dina7979: But, I think they moved.
dina7979: Anyways...
ShNoOkUmSs: yes?
dina7979: what's your favorite color? lol
ShNoOkUmSs: red
ShNoOkUmSs: yours?
dina7979: I like blue
ShNoOkUmSs: oh, isn't that Jensen's favorite color? lol
dina7979: Is it really? I don't know! lol
ShNoOkUmSs: lol
ShNoOkUmSs: well, it was nice meeting you. it's always
nice meeting new Jensen fans.

ShNoOkUmSs: hope we get to talk soon!
dina7979: Me too! I had fun! Be sure to tell me if you
change your name!

ShNoOkUmSs: I put you on my buddy list. that's ok

dina7979: Of course! :)
ShNoOkUmSs: ok, I will.
dina7979: Good night!
ShNoOkUmSs: you can put me there too.
ShNoOkUmSs: good night.
dina7979: You already are! :)
ShNoOkUmSs: oh ok.
dina7979: :) Nighty night!
ShNoOkUmSs: night