dina7979: Hi there! Thanks for the email! :)
LRi456: oh...this is Dina M., right?
dina7979: Yes!
LRi456: ok, just checking.
dina7979: So, how were your holidays?
LRi456: happy holidays!
dina7979: Thanks! :)
LRi456: pretty good. spent it with family and
friends. how about you?

dina7979: They were really good! Did you
spend New Years with Jensen?
LRi456: yes.
dina7979: I bet that was awesome.
LRi456: :)
LRi456: yea, we all had a blast.
dina7979: That's great! :)
LRi456: so, what did you do?
dina7979: A bunch of my friends got
together, and we had a party. I had so
much fun!
LRi456: oh wow. that's great.
dina7979: Yeah...it was fun. What did you
guys do?
LRi456: for new year's?
dina7979: yeah
LRi456: we had a little party in a little
restaurant with a few people. Jensen's
friends are so nice, and so welcoming.

dina7979: So, you went to Texas?
LRi456: yes
LRi456: i spent x-mas with my family in San
Diego, and then i flew to Tx for new year's,
we just got back on Sunday afternoon

dina7979: Oh really......that sounds like a lot
of fun.
LRi456: yea....it was.
dina7979: What did Jensen get you for
LRi456: it wasn't anything BIG...but it's just
the fun we had that counts.

dina7979: Yeah...
LRi456: I got him this new CD player he
wanted. And guess what he got me??

dina7979: Um....what?
LRi456: the same thing 'Eric' got
'Nicole'...how ironic is that?!

dina7979: lol..earrings...
LRi456: but mine are prettier. haha
dina7979: lol
LRi456: they're heart shaped with a

dina7979: Aw...how sweet. I bet they are
really pretty.
LRi456: they are. :)
LRi456: we don't believe in big, expensive
gifts. As long as it comes from the heart. :)

dina7979: Those are the best kind of
gifts...ones from the heart....
LRi456: yea....and especially from
Jensen...which makes it a bit more special.

dina7979: Definately, definately
LRi456: so, you getting excited for
LRi456: stupid question, I know. I can tell by
the song you have playing on your

dina7979: Oh my goodness.....I am so
excited. I can hardly wait!!!

dina7979: lol
LRi456: :)
dina7979: ...just a little over a month away.
But, I'm ready to go right now!
LRi456: haha..i bet you are. you'll have a
blast. if you like Jensen now, just wait til you
meet him. he's such a great guy.

dina7979: I know. I hear such wonderful
things from people who meet him.
LRi456: :)
dina7979: I am definately ready. Also, I am
excited about visiting New York for the first
LRi456: well, I'd love to stay and chat some
more, but I gotta run. If I don't talk to you
before you meet Jensen again, then,

dina7979: Thank you so much!!! Bye! It was
nice chatting with you!!!!
LRi456: yea..New York was definitely a
sight to see.
LRi456: I was there for the first time on
Emmy night.

dina7979: Oh really....
LRi456: you too! Bye! Feel free to E-mail
me. I'll try to respond earlier this time. :)

dina7979: Ok!!! :) Bye!!!!
LRi456: buh bye