LRi456: hi. i just wanted to
say that you have a great
webpage.keep up the great

dina7979: Thank you so much.
That's very sweet! :)
LRi456: you're welcome.
LRi456: I'm sure Jensen
appreciates the hard work.
He's really a great guy.

dina7979: So, I've heard. I
am going to meet him in
February, so I'm really
excited! :)
LRi456: oh, really? that's
great. You'll have a great

dina7979: Yeah, I'm so
excited! :)
LRi456: i could tell.....from
the music you have. =)

dina7979: LOL...I thought
that was so cute. I had to
put it! :)

dina7979: So, where are you
LRi456: California
LRi456: you
dina7979: Mississippi
LRi456: it's in profile..
dina7979: OH...I don't have
AOL, so I can't look at
LRi456: I just signed your
guestbook. =)
LRi456: o, i c
dina7979: Thanks! =)
LRi456: oh, that's cute. an
automated message from you.

dina7979: :)
LRi456: so, how old are you?
dina7979: I'm 19. you?
LRi456: 23
dina7979: That's cool. Are
you in school?
LRi456: just graduated
dina7979: I'm a sophomore in
LRi456: 2 more years to go,

dina7979: Yep, and then I
have to go to graduate
school. :(
LRi456: oh, what are you

dina7979: Speech Pathology
LRi456: oh, that's a good
major. I studied pychology
and social sciences.

dina7979: Really, that's
cool. What do you want to do?
LRi456: i actually work in
the publicity field for
Warner Bros. company.

dina7979: Really. That is so
cool. Can I ask you a
LRi456: sure
dina7979: Is this Lisa Rideg?
LRi456: sorry about
that...AOL kicked me off.

dina7979: That
dina7979: that's ok! +)
dina7979: =)
LRi456: what was that last
thing you said?

dina7979: Is this Lisa,
Jensen's girlfriend?
LRi456: um..what makes you
say that?

dina7979: Um...everything you
are saying sounds like Lisa
LRi456: well, guess what....
dina7979: what?
LRi456: maybe I am her, but
shhhh!!!! please don't spread
the word, please.

dina7979: Oh no, I would
never do that!! :)
LRi456: thanks
dina7979: No problem! :( So,
how was your thanksgiving?
LRi456: it was pretty good.
LRi456: yours?
dina7979: Pretty good.
dina7979: Did you go to TX
with Jensen?
LRi456: nope. :(
LRi456: i stayed with my
family, and he went to his..
LRi456: and i had to work on
Friday as well

dina7979: did you
meet Jensen?
LRi456: through a friend. we
actually started being
friends, and then we started

dina7979: How long have you
guys been dating? (sorry, I'm
asking so many questions! :))
LRi456: that's ok. it'll be
a year in February

dina7979: I have another
question. You don't have a
roommate named Sue do you?
LRi456: no, why do you ask?
dina7979: I didn't think so.
Some girl signed my guestbook
a while back, and said that
she was your roommate. She
was very nice.

dina7979: I mean she wasn't
very nice.
LRi456: oh really. i'll have
to check it out. But no, I
don't know anyone by the name
of, Sue

dina7979: I deleted the
not-so-nice parts.
LRi456: oh
dina7979: Have you met
Jensen's family?
LRi456: yea
dina7979: oh...
LRi456: in February
dina7979: Oh yeah..when they
came to the SOD awards?
LRi456: yup
dina7979: That sucks that he
didn't get nominated again.
He such deserves it.
LRi456: they got a whole tour
of the DAYS studio too.
Jensen gave it to them
LRi456: yea, it's too bad
dina7979: What a sweetie! :)
dina7979: I can't wait to
meet him. Once again, "I'm so
LRi456: :)
dina7979: Do you spend a lot
of time with Jensen?
LRi456: pretty much on the
weekends mostly
LRi456: we both work pretty
hard during the week, so the
weekends are relaxing..

dina7979: you know
a girl named Lauren
LRi456: um.....sounds
familiar, why?

dina7979: She works at NBC

dina7979: And, she said she
kind of knows Jensen..enough
to say hi, and that kind of
LRi456: oh....i don't believe
that i know her..
LRi456: oh well, maybe just a
working buddy .. =)

dina7979: Yeah :)
dina7979: Do you get the
Jensen newsletter on AOL?
Someone has the email
LRi456: really? that's not
LRi456: Mrs. Ackles mentioned
that to me, because someone
had pointed that out..

dina7979: Yeah..that's kind
of dumb to impersonate other
LRi456: yes, it is.
LRi456: there's even an email
"jensenackles317@netscape" or

dina7979: Yeah...they
actually emailed me one time,
and told me they were a
friend of Jensen's.
LRi456: really?
LRi456: ok, if they say so..
LRi456: i don't think
Jensen's friends have the
time to be playing around
with those kinds of

dina7979: I didn't think so

dina7979: Do you have a
sister named Amy?
LRi456: yes, why? how did you

dina7979: She signed a friend
of mine's guestbook.
LRi456: oh....interesting.
she does have a computer, but
is rarely on.

dina7979: oh...
dina7979: Do you go online
LRi456: um...i just go AOL
like 2 weeks ago. this is my
3rd time on.

dina7979: Oh...
dina7979: You should make
Jensen go online..I know lots
of people who would want to
chat with him! :)
LRi456: oh, he's scared of
this thing..

dina7979: lol..really? why?
LRi456: of what he'll find.
However, Mrs. Ackles does..

dina7979: Oh..I guarantee he
will find only good things. :)
I did know that Mrs. Ackles
does though...

dina7979: Do you know if
Mackenzie ever goes online. I
have talked to a girl a few
times, and she has implied
that she was Mackenzie. Her
screen name is ADJJM85962.
Does that look familiar to
LRi456: i have no idea..
LRi456: sorry
dina7979: OH..that's ok! :)
LRi456: what kinds of things
do you talk to her with? do
you think it's her?

dina7979: I'm not sure. I
have only talked to her a
couple of times. And, the
first time, I didn't really
know it was her.

dina7979: Do you remember a
girl named Beth from the

dina7979: She talked to you
and Jensen after..and
screamed his name....
LRi456: oh, i am talking to
one of the girls right now,
as a matter of fact.
LRi456: she IMed me because I
was in the digest room. you
know her too?
LRi456: very sweet girls.
dina7979: I am actually going
to stay with Beth in February
when I meet Jensen.
LRi456: oh, that's nice. =)
LRi456: you guys will have
oodles of fun!

dina7979: I'm excited. Also,
I've never been anywhere
close to New Jersey, so I am
excited about going up there.

dina7979: Do you live very
close to Jensen?

dina7979: I have a
LRi456: oh sorry for the
wait. too many people talking
tome now..
LRi456: i live about 20
minutes fromJensen

dina7979: That's ok! :) Where
did Jensen take you on your
first date?
LRi456: well, it was a double
date....and we went to the
movies, and then a
restaurant....or vice versa.
restaurant, and then movies.

dina7979: That's sounds very
nice! :) Do remember what
LRi456: oh, gosh...i don't
remember. i should...i know

dina7979: lol..oh well! =)
LRi456: so, do you have a

dina7979: I have been dating
someone for a few months. I
wouldn't exactly call him my
"boyfriend", but I think we
are getting there! :)
LRi456: i hope everything
works out! if he treats you
right, don't let him go, but
if he's just "another"
guy...forget it. lol

dina7979: Definately. :) I
hope everything works out for
you and Jensen! You seem to
be a very sweet girl. And, I
know that Jensen is an
amazing guy. So, I wish you
two a long and happy
relationship! :)
LRi456: awe...that's soooo
sweet of you!
LRi456: yea, it's funny. some
girls give me dirty looks
like say we go to the store
or restaurants or something.
i feel like i have something
hanging out of my nose. lol

dina7979: Thanks! :) I mean it
though....As I am sure you
know, I am a very big Jensen
fan, and I want him to be

dina7979: That is so rude!!
dina7979: A friend of mine
was in Ca this summer, and
she actually saw you and
Jensen in some mall. I think
in an abercrombie store.

dina7979: Those girls are
just jealous because you have
the absolute best guy in the
whole world.
LRi456: =)
LRi456: yea, we go to A&F a
lot. we love that store
LRi456: Jensen's whole
wardrobe is from there..
LRi456: =)
dina7979: I know. That's an
awesome store! :)

dina7979: Oh really...
dina7979: What kinds of
things do you do at Warner
LRi456: i do the publicity
for it, and paper work. that
kind of nonsense. =)

dina7979: Oh...that sounds
like fun! lol
LRi456: if you say so... =)
dina7979: LOL
dina7979: You should work at
NBC, so you can be closer to
Jensen. Doesn't Ty work at
NBC too?
LRi456: yea, for another show
dina7979: Yeah..Hang Time?
LRi456: =) i've been with WB
for about a year and a half
LRi456: yea. you're good.
LRi456: =_
LRi456: =)
dina7979: +)
dina7979: =)
dina7979: Do they have
another roommate named
LRi456: yes..
LRi456: it's one of Ty's
friends. but she won't be
staying much longer. she just
needed a place to stay

dina7979: Oh...
dina7979: I read an article
about Jensen and his dune
buggie, and it said something
about her.
LRi456: oh
LRi456: that darn thing..
dina7979: lol
dina7979: What does Ty do on
Hang Time?
LRi456: he works as a
production assistant, i think

dina7979: Oh..I just knew
that his name was in the
credits at the end! =)
LRi456: oh, good observation!
dina7979: lol..actually, I
read it somewhere too! :)

dina7979: Has your family met
Jensen? Do they like him?
(How could they not! :))

LRi456: yes..
LRi456: a few months ago.
LRi456: they LOVE him
dina7979: That's awesome! :)
LRi456: =)
dina7979: Do you guys ever
talk about marriage or
anything like that?
LRi456: no......
LRi456: we're not thinking
about that..

dina7979: yeah...
LRi456: we're still young ,
and just having fun!

dina7979: Yeah, that's the
best thing to do!
LRi456: definately
LRi456: no marriage for

dina7979: Me neither. :)
LRi456: I'd love to stay and
chat some more, but I have to
run. It was nice meeting
you. keep up the great work
on the page! bye bye!

dina7979: Thanks! It was
great meeting you!!
LRi456: good night
dina7979: Bye!