My Autographs

Studio Fifty-S.O.A.R

Wappinger Falls, New York
April 17, 1999

****All Pictures are property of me! Do not take for any reason****

Julianne Morris (Greta, Days) and Greg Vaughan (ex-Josh, Malibu Shores)

Dina and Greg Vaughan

Greg Vaughan, Dina, Julianne Morris, and Arianne Zuker

Dina and Arianne Zuker (Nicole, Days)

Dina, Arianne, and Michael Dietz (Ex-Joe, PC)

Dina and Michael Roderick (ex-Cameron, AW)

Dina and Don Jeffcoat (Joey, OLTL)

Dina and Ben Jorgensen (ATWT)

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Last Updated:July 17, 1999